Secretary Zinke and the Trump Administration have taken steps to eliminate common-sense and balanced protections for our public lands. Over the past year, this Administration has made it clear that they do not plan to manage our public lands under a true multiple use mandate, instead Secretary Zinke is focused on using our public lands for oil, gas, and mineral withdrawal leases.

This overall focus on energy dominance excludes other user groups from public lands management including the $887 billion outdoor recreation economy that depends on a healthy public land system and bolsters mountain town economies.

Now, Congress is considering the SECURE American Energy Act and ONSHORE Act, both of which would transfer oil and gas, drilling oversight responsibility to the states allowing them to skirt important environmental safeguards and public comment periods.

This, as well as the policies being implemented by Secretary Zinke, do not take into account that public lands are meant to be managed for multiple uses including hunting, fishing, camping, and mountain biking, as well conserving our pristine lands and wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

The Mountain Pact is launching an effort to bring the mountain town voice to the numerous and consequential attacks on public lands and outdoor recreation.

We’re starting with the SECURE Act/ONSHORE Act as our first point of engagement before we move on to other actions this spring -- stay tuned for more updates.